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When purchasing an engagement ring, the most important consideration is the centre diamond. It is where you should be spending the majority of your budget. It is seen as the 'star of the show'. The rest of your ring is to compliment and enhance the centre diamond.

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With 12 elegant diamond shapes you are able to make your vision a reality.
Scroll through our gallery of diamond cuts to see which is the perfect one for you.

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Once you have chosen your diamond shape, you must choose from one of our four elegant settings.

  • Diamond Education
When buying a centre diamond, one can assess suitability by breaking in to four components.
These are known as the Four ‘C’s.
1. Cut.  This is the shape of the diamond.  We have twelve to choose from as you can see above.
2. Colour.  Diamonds range in variations of white colour from high to low.  They are graded alphabetically.  ‘A’ is high down to ‘Z’ low.  The higher the grade, the whiter the diamond.  Although ‘A’ is the highest grade, one would usually start to see diamonds start from a grade ‘D’.
3. Clarity.  All diamonds have inclusions (marks) within them.  Some are smaller than others and therefore graded accordingly.  SI diamonds have very small inclusions just visible to the naked eye.  VSI diamonds have inclusions visible only with a lens.
4. Carat.  This is the weight of the diamond and therefore how big it will appear.
Each of these four components make a difference to the price of the diamond.  So sometimes one has to compromise on one of the ‘C’s to expand on another.
Please contact us with any questions.  We will always try to find choices for you inside of your budget.